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Learn To Write The Adult Way

There is nothing I love more that a hand written note/letter/post-it/anything. I write as many letters as I possibly can; however, my handwriting skills haven’t developed much since first learning at Primary School. I religiously follow illustrators, typographers and tattoo artists on Instagram just to catch a glimpse of cute cursive that I can try to copy. But alas, I have never been successful, until maybe now…


Why We Should All Eat Dirty

Foodies can be a fickle bunch - one minute it’s all about New Orleans soul food, the next it's ‘hipster’ pizzas – and many restaurant trends come and go almost overnight. But there’s one craze which has stuck around – and that’s ‘dirty food’, aka fast food with a foodie twist. Even now fast food joints are opening up around the country, serving up big gourmet burgers, hot dogs, fried chicken, doughnuts, shakes and even bigger side orders of fries and sides. All with lashings of plastic cheese, of course. Perfect for a hangover, a miserable Monday, or any other time you so fancy. As one writer recently put it: ‘it’s the best worst food you’ll ever eat.’


On Yer Bike!

This week is Bike Week, people. So how about celebrating by getting on your bike? OK, I know that might sound boring, but coming from a recent cycling-convert I guarantee it can be fun, not to mention beneficial for your health.


Dirty Martini Shakes Things Up In Islington

I have visited (and had) a few Dirty Martini's in my time, with their six venues across London, it's hard not to. But being a born and bread North London girl, I like to stick to where I know. Enter the new Dirty Martini in my regular stomping ground; Upper Street.


I’ve Found The Best Tacos In London

Tacos are my all time favorite food. Hands down. No question. F.A.V.O.U.R.I.T.E.

I’ve been to (almost) every taco joint in London; every Mexican restaurant, food truck and back street taco hideout (well, maybe not the last part, but you get the gist) in search of the best tacos possible.


Start Your Day With A BOOM (Cycle)

There is nothing I like more than my bed. And nothing I hate more than exercise. So, as you can imagine, I like to spend as much time as possible in bed and as little time as possible exercising. However I do know that my lifestyle is not sustainable, and as getting fit is the new going out I thought it was about time I kicked my arse in to gear (and out of bed).


Doing The Dirty In Kensington

In amongst the swanky wine bars and Made In Chelsea eateries of Kensington, you’ll find a little haven of dirt. Well, not really, but Dirty Bones does serve up a dose of real, honest food in an area that needs it…


I’ve Found A New Friend In Scarlet

It’s hard to find a good friend in central London. And by friend I mean bar. It’s hard to find a good bar in London…

After years of searching, I was introduced to Scarlet. She’s super-fun, naughty, really good-looking and makes some of the best cocktails I’ve ever tasted.


The Best Bottomless Brunches in London

You know my new favorite thing? Bottomless Brunches.

No, that’s not all you can eat brunch, but even better – all you can drink! I know, right? A new craze has hit London, and it’s one that I hope never, ever goes away. Some brunch venues around the city are starting to offer a ‘bottomless’ version: pay a set price; get a delicious brunch and unlimited booze. In the words of Amy Poehler – Yes please!

Don’t worry; I have done the hard work, hunting out a variety of the best Bottomless Brunches in London for you… (ahem…)


Hiit Your Workout Regime Hard

It’s the final run up to Christmas. That means late nights finishing up things at work, Christmas parties, drinks with friends and more festive engagements than you can shake a (holly) stick at. So when do you fit in those all-important exercise classes that you got so good at going to over summer (ahem…)?


Tommi Cooks Up A Great Burger

With all the various burger joints in London, it can be hard to determine the best ones. So much so, that websites and blogs have been set up JUST on this topic.

So where do you find the tastiest burger in London?

I’ve done all the regular haunts: Byron, Honest, Five Guys, GBK, Dirty Burger… and now Tommi’s